William Hernz, M.D.
(610) 565-3587
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Psychiatric Services

Dr. William Hernz, M.D. is highly skilled in treating both adolescents and older adults. With his extensive training in psychopharmacology and incorporating biology with psychology, Dr. Hernz can provide the following psychiatric services to you or your child:
  • General psychiatry
  • Treatment for mood and disorders
  • Treatment for learning disabilities
  • Treatment for behavioral issues
  • Counseling services
  • Medication distribution
Dr. Hernz takes a multi-disciplinary approach to his treatments, and strives to help each of his patients reach the goals they have set for themselves. If traditional pharmaceutical medications are intolerable for a patient, Dr. Hernz can offer natural and therapeutic alternatives. For pricing, appointment times and lengths, and any other questions, please Contact Us.
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